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Prices Adjusted Weekly, Based on Market and Availability.  Mimimum order this week:  $30  Grocery pick-up by appt.

This Week's Availability @ Introductory Pricing

Organic Salmon     Two 6-oz portions    $18
Fresh Loch Duart salmon, flown in from Scotland, "International reputation for truly exceptional tasting salmon"  Add BISTRO Marinade:  $6.00

Dry Pack Sea Scallops  10/20     $24 lb
Fresh, no water or preservatives added  What's the difference between wet and dry scallops and how to cook them?


Cocktail Shrimp 16-20 count     $18 lb.
Peeled, Deveined, Cooked and ready to enjoy.  Add BISTRO Cocktail Sauce:  $3.00

Fresh Shucked Oysters  $18 lb
from our Chesapeake Bay

Maine Lobster Tail – 6-7 oz - $20     8-10 oz  - $28


Certified Angus Filet Mignon  - 8 oz    $40 for 2
All natural Antibiotic/Steroid Free, Grass Fed, Grain Finish

Certified Angus Ribeye    12 oz  -  $44 for 2
All Natural Antibiotic/Steroid Free, Grass Fed, Grain Finish

All Natural New Zealand Rack of Lamb - $46 for 2
All Natural Antibiotic/Steroid Free, Grass Fed and Grass Finished

16 oz Porterhouse Pork Chops  $22 for 2, Bistro brined & marinated $28    All Natural Antibiotic/Steroid Free.

Organic Chicken Breast  - 6 oz.  Special: Frozen  5 lbs for $20.
Organic, boneless, skinless pastured raised, vegetarian diet, nothing added.



Premium Steak Lover's Pack - $149

- 2 each 12 ounce USDA PRIME Boneless Ribeyes
- 2 each 12 ounce USDA PRIME Strip Steaks
- 4 each 8 ounce USDA Choice Filet Mignons


USDA Prime & USDA Choice are cuts above USDA Select, which is commonly found in your grocery store.



The following are Add-ons only.  Must be purchased with the above or BISTRO-TO-GO Take out.

Toilet Paper
Premium 2 ply, 500 sheet - 6 rolls for $8

Jumbo Paper Towels 
2ply, 210 sheetsWhite or Natural /Non-Bleached   2 for $7

Yeast LeSaffre Saf-Instant Yeast - 1 lb for  $8
Expiration date: 2/2022










For Eggs, Fresh Vegetables & Fruit: 

Please check with our local Farmers and Farmers Markets

Check back next week for more of your requests,
including fresh fish, Fresh North Carolina Shrimp and Ahi Tuna Steaks - sashimi grade.

Add a bottle of House & Virginia Wines for $18.00















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