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Creme Brulee

A vanilla bean custard topped with a hard caramel topping (gluten free)


Amaretto Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee with a half shot of Amaretto drizzled on top!


Bread Pudding

Light as a cloud and served with a warm buttery whiskey sauce and a few dashes of homemade caramel


Chocolate Decadence

Two Belgium chocolate torts with praline in between, covered in warm dark Ganache served with our homemade caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream, topped with chocolate shavings


French Apple Tart

Tender layers of apples backed in Pâte Brisée, a buttery, flaky crust served with vanilla bean ice cream


Apple Blackberry Crisp

Warm Granny Smith apples and seedless blackberries with an oatmeal topping, served with vanilla bean ice cream


Caramel or Chocolate Sundae

Vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of homemade warm dark Ganache or homemade caramel sauce with walnuts


Molten Belgium Chocolate Souffle

served with vanilla bean ice cream


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